December 1, 2016

Workplace Party Tips

Many workplaces will mark the year-end with a gathering to celebrate.  Events may range from a casual outing of smaller workgroups to a full corporate gala.  Whatever the format, these few tips will help you carry yourself in a way that will get you noticed…in a good way.


Workplace parties often offer an opportunity to network with those who many otherwise be rarely accessible to you.  Take the opportunity to introduce yourself.  If you have business ideas that you would like to pass along, allude to it but remember that everyone is there for a party – save the pitch for the boardroom.  If you make a strong enough impression, you may find it easier to have the ear of the person come Monday morning.

Your Time To Shine

Corporate events are a social occasion.  It affords you the opportunity to get to know your coworkers on a different level and they you.  Sharing some of your personal interests and aspirations can help develop work relationships but oversharing or burdening someone with your issues can have the opposite effect.  Let the best version of you shine. 


Enjoy food and beverage in moderation.  Stuffing canapés in your purse is frowned upon.  Overconsumption of alcohol may cause you to say things and act in a way that is not in line with the workplace image you have worked to develop. 
If consuming alcohol, be responsible when leaving the party – call a taxi, stay at a hotel or with a friend, take public transportation – do not drink and drive.

Dress for Success

Go ahead and glam it up for the celebration but anything too tight, too short, or too revealing may be inappropriate.  Every event and workplace will have different standards.  Check the invitation for the dress code and/or ask mentors what would be appropriate.  

Confirm Invitees

Confirm if partners or children are included in the invitation to avoid an awkward situation.  If required to RSVP, remember to include all those attending to allow the hosts to plan accordingly.  Also keep in mind that the behaviour of your guests will reflect on you.  Your plus one should be chosen with care.

Be in the Present

Socialize in person, not over social media.  It’s a party – put the phone away and be attentive to your fellow partygoers.  If you must check messages, excuse yourself and find a quiet place to do so.

Be Gracious

Your hosts have gone to a lot of effort to create an event where everyone can have fun – and oftentimes it’s done on a volunteer basis.  Respect their time and effort.  A simple “Thank You” will not go unnoticed.

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