January 16, 2020

Update your Records!

Happy New Year! Throughout the New Year, we will continue our integration with HUB International. As such you may start to see some changes that will require you to take action.

Phone System

Our Mississauga office will receive a new phone system in mid-February. This means that our phone numbers will be changing! We will send another reminder closer to the date and our email signature will remind you of the change as well but we wanted to give you some advance notice.

Current main numbers: 905-670-4515 (local) 1-877-685-2515 (toll free)

Contact Current Extension New Direct Dial #
Jesse Boone 229 905-582-7078
Nick Smith  227 905-582-7075
Ron Bromley 226 905-582-7076
Karen Irvine 224 905-582-7029
Lauren Duffy 247 905-582-7080
Sandy Grdovich 218 905-582-7058
Darren Lowe 230 905-582-7077
Manuel Ruiz 212 905-582-7039
Duncan Steele 223 905-582-7010

Our current toll-free number will remain in effect.

ACTION ITEM: remember to update your records.

Note: this change does not impact GMS (SWO) in Kitchener


We provide you with an industry/plan administration Benefits Bulletin six times per year and a Health & Wellness newsletter six times per year on opposite months.

HUB International has a wealth of excellent information for Employee Benefit plan administrators and members. We are excited to bring you this new format and new content. For the time being we will be sending these to you but encourage you to subscribe to the HUB mailing list. https://www.hubinternational.com/en-CA/subscribe/

For 2020, expect to receive the Benefits Bulletin four times per year, the Health & Wellness newsletter four times per year, and the new HUB International Employee Benefits newsletter four times per year.

ACTION ITEM: Subscribe to HUB International Newsletters


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