Personal Health & Dental Plans

Cuts to government plans such as OHIP leave more and more Canadians uninsured. If you are self-employed, do not qualify for or have access to a group insurance plan and you want to provide medical & dental protection for you and your family, GMS Insurance can help.

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Keep your vacation worry free! If you do not have access to travel insurance with your employer or if it does not provide coverage for the full duration of your trip, a GMS Insurance associate can arrange coverage right up to the day of your departure. We can also make arrangements for insurance for friends or family who may be visiting you from out of the country.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide financial stability to your family and/or your company in the event of your death. Proceeds from the life insurance can be used for:

  • final expenses, such as funeral arrangements;
  • tax liabilities – example: capital gains taxes;
  • allowing your loved ones time to adjust to a new lifestyle without your income

A GMS Insurance representative will conduct a needs analysis with you to determine how best to structure your insurance portfolio.

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Disability Insurance

Due to medical advances, illness and injuries that would have resulted in certain death in the past, mean survival today. However you may be left with a disability that impairs your ability to earn an income equivalent to your pre-disability income. Many people faced with a disability are also faced with higher medical bills. A disability insurance policy can provide you with a monthly income to help with those financial obligations without having to dip into your savings.

Mortgage Insurance

Insuring your mortgage with your lender is not a sound financial decision. There are numerous pitfalls with mortgage insurance purchased through your lender which could you leave you unprotected when you need protection the most. A GMS Insurance consultant will guide you through this minefield and ensure that you have insurance that will pay out when it is needed at a cost that makes more sense.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of a covered condition. Even if you are able to return to work and regular life activities, you will receive a lump sum benefit. This money can be used however you wish. Many people use it to pay for additional medical expenses or to seek medical treatment outside of the country. Those who are unable to work due to their condition may choose to use the funds for income while they wait for their disability plan to begin payments. Critical illness insurance works well for business owners who do not qualify for the government Employment Insurance plan.

Retirement Planning

Investing for your retirement should be a life-long process. How much you invest, where you invest, and what asset mix you choose depends on your unique situation and retirement dreams. The answers to these questions will change over time and therefore so should your investment strategy. Planning for your future can be a daunting task but when you seek the advice of a licensed GMS advisor, you will have someone who can answer your questions and help map out your financial future.

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