The challenge today’s employers face is providing a benefit plan that is valued by employees but that is financially sustainable.

Employees are looking for benefit programs that go beyond providing a basic safety net.  They want benefits that are tailored to their specific needs, benefits that offer work-life balance, and benefits that they can access anytime, anywhere.

The marketplace is evolving to meet those demands but many employers are unaware of these new developments or how to leverage them to provide a financially feasible benefit plan.  GMS Insurance has a wealth of resources to help you better manage your benefit dollar.

GMS Insurance Services

  • Negotiate the best technical factors to ensure you receive sustainable savings
  • Introduce you to the concept of modular flex plans  that offer employee choice while keeping administration and costs under control.
  • Illustrate how you can access unused funds in your plan for use today
  • Utilize the entire marketplace to obtain secure and sustainable value
  • Ensure your company is protected with internal policies that will mitigate your liability
  • Benchmark your plan against others in your industry
  • Provide proactive service and in-depth ongoing analysis of your claims experience
  • Advise of changing legislation and provide recommendations to manage any plan impact
  • Limit the occurrence, duration, and thereby costs of disability claims through active disability management
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability plans are commonplace but a Mid-Term Disability plan can reduce disability costs without jeopardizing employee income security

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May 1, 2016

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