We know the importance of your insurance

Insurance is more than a reimbursement cheque. It’s about protecting your workers, your family, your company, and their futures. It provides access to care, financial resources, and peace of mind. Crafting a plan that can deliver is a great responsibility – one that the professionals at GMS Insurance take seriously.

Benefits Bulletin

March 1, 2017 Update Earnings

Many employee benefits such as life, AD&D, short- and long-term disability, and retirement savings plans are tied to an employee’s.

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Health & Wellness

April 3, 2017 How Sweet It Is

To poorly paraphrase William Shakespeare: A sugar by any other name is just as sweet.  That’s exactly why nutrition labels.

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GMS Quiz Corner

May 1, 2016


A man died leaving $10 million for his widow, five sons, and four daughters.  Each daughter received an equal amount, each son received twice as much as a daughter, and the widow received three times as much as a son.  How much did the widow receive?


$3 million

Congratulations to Susan Green – this month’s Quiz Wiz!