We know the importance of your insurance

Insurance is more than a reimbursement cheque. It’s about protecting your workers, your family, your company, and their futures. It provides access to care, financial resources, and peace of mind. Crafting a plan that can deliver is a great responsibility – one that the professionals at GMS Insurance take seriously.

Benefits Bulletin

September 7, 2016 Changes to EI and Public Pensions

EI Changes to Impact Group Disability Plans The 2016 Federal budget included enhancements to the Employment Insurance (EI) program.  One.

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Health & Wellness

June 1, 2016 Four Questions to Ask

When facing a medical event, most Canadians will defer to the expertise of their physicians and healthcare practitioners. After all,.

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GMS Quiz Corner

May 1, 2016


A man looking at a picture of man declares:
 “For brothers and sisters, I have none
But that man’s father is my father’s son.”
How are they related?


Father & son

Congratulations to Patty Zurbrigg – this month’s Quiz Wiz!